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Webex: for your customers and your teams

See how Webex Contact Center and Webex Connect work seamlessly to empower companies, teams, and agents to deliver exceptional experiences.

One Platform. One Partnership.

Bucher + Suter and Cisco

Cutting through the noise and focusing on what matters is the difference between success and failure. Bucher + Suter and Cisco are doubling down on enriched, personalized, intelligent customer experiences and highly optimized teamwork.

Together we’re unmatchable.

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The Cloud Contact Center from Webex
Webex Contact Center

Scalability, flexibility, and Cisco-quality combine to deliver a future-proof cloud contact center solution. Keeping up with your competition and your customers will be a thing of the past as you’ll lead the line in CX and customer satisfaction with Webex Contact Center.

An out-of-the-box contact center solution that’s highly customizable to the needs and constraints of your business, Webex Contact Center has the intuitive management tools to optimize everything from your interaction routing to your agent workflows. Additionally, features like silent monitor, allow your supervisors to stay in tune with the real-time needs of your agents and customers.

The lifeblood of your contact center; your agents need tools to help them succeed wherever they are. Tools like a unified agent desktop built right into the CRM, where call logging, screen pop and click-to-dial are available out of the box.

Manage your customers and their experience from start to finish with exactly the types of interactions they need, where they look for them. AI-powered virtual agents, and intelligent skill-based routing help your customers reach the right agent at every occasion. Ultimately it's all about the customer's experience.

Optimized customer engagement

Empowering contact center agents to deliver better customer experiences

Give your agents the tools they need to more actively engage customers with an intuitive and optimized CRM-based agent desktop.

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Whether from the Webex or CRM agent desktop, you can enable customer communications across voice, email, chat, and social channels from pre- to post-sale care. 

The most complete collaboration suite on the market, for enriched, fully customizable, and streamlined teamwork. 

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Overcoming the top customer service and contact center challenges with active agent empowerment

Read about the top 10 challenges facing SME-sized contact centers in 2022, and how together with Webex, Bucher + Suter can help your business reach a new level of customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)
Webex Connect
Automated and event-triggered enterprise communication, built for everything and everyone.

With Webex Connect you can simply and effectively automate your outbound communication across a multitude of channels, based on your customers' specific interactions. And it can all be controlled from a single platform with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI.


Proactive engagement across channels helps you drive your customer relationships, make positive impressions, and create lasting brand sentiment.

Reach out to your customers with personalized communications by synchronizing your enterprise systems and your communication channels with Webex Connect.

Automate communications across your customer's lifetime from pre-sales to aftercare, and then use data-backed analytics to improve your automations. By continually optimizing your communication processes, you'll be actively delivering even better customer experiences.



A new generation of end-to-end customer experience, with next-generation features, across the whole Webex platform.

AI-empowered virtual agents can handle routine interactions and smooth live-agent handoffs when things get to complex
Meet your customers where they want to be met with email, web chat, SMS and social integration. All channels, all the time.
Unified Agent Desktop
With Webex integrating into the world’s leading CRMs you can keep your agents where they need to be – in front of your customer info.
Agents get near real-time reports feedback, and information pertaining to their customer interactions, to help develop continuous improvement.

Webex Contact Center

Routing and queue management
Intelligently route calls to the right agent for the job, no matter where they are.
Let your customers queue without having to sit on hold, by offering them a callback when an agent’s ready for them.
Supervisor Features
Empower your supervisors with call monitoring, recording, and barge-in functionality. Helping make every interaction a success.

Webex Connect

Automated proactive outreach
Inform your customers automatically with notifications, based on system event triggers or personalized campaigns.
Webex Connect Flow Builder
Develop interaction flows using an intuitive builder for event-triggered communications.
Webhooks and API support
Go beyond the pre-built integrations and tailor your outbound interactions to fit your systems and communication channels.
Optimized Teamwork
Work and Collaboration
The Webex App lets your employees collaborate to deliver outstanding experiences from one powerful and lightweight app.

Webex Calling clay animation screenshot

A powerful VoIP solution, fully integrated into the Webex platform.

Cisco Webex Calling enables organizations to stay connected with the power of cloud calling. With Webex Calling you have all the benefits and features of traditional phone systems without all the overhead. The ability to easily forward calls to teammates, and collaborate effectively is enhanced with a raft of cloud calling features, such as: do not disturb, call waiting, simple call-to-meetings transition, and instant device switching.

Webex Meetings clay animation screenshot

Connect your teams, employees, partners, and even your customers worldwide and promote the highest quality of collaborative work with Webex Meetings. Noise cancellation, calendar integration, meeting recordings, transcription, and a host of integration options combine to make meeting hosting simpler and more productive than ever before. 

Webex Messaging clay animation screenshot

Messaging is the backbone of collaborative teams; powering teamwork outside of meetings. With Webex Messaging your employees can form group spaces and send direct messages, where they can share, co-edit, co-operate and get stuff done with people within or out with your organization.

Webex WFO clay animation screenshot

Webex Workforce Optimization transforms the supervisor experience by giving them access to more data and more powerful tools in simplified and flexible views so they are better able to lead their teams and optimize their performance.

Workforce management capabilities, evaluation and quality management components, and robust reporting and analytics tools, give your supervisors the insight and empowerment they need to lead with success.


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From your back-office, through to your admins, supervisors and agent teams, Webex promotes fully optimized customer service and industry-leading customer experiences.

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Bucher + Suter

Why Bucher + Suter

Cisco focus, and two decades of contact center experience, mean Bucher + Suter are uniquely positioned to help you deliver customer experience prowess in an industry where customer expectations on service and the channels they’re delivered on shifts rapidly. Bucher + Suter and Cisco Webex are cutting through the noise, focusing on what matters, and helping shape the future of customer experience.

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Webex is an all-in-one customer service and communication solution, extensible to fit the exacting needs of your customers and teams.

Webex Experience Management

By better understanding how your customers' interface with your brand, you can build experiences that transcend their expectations.

With Webex Experience Management, you can use your customer data to build enriched pictures of the relationships they have with your brand, unerath actionable insights and forecast what your customers need, before they even know it.


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