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Dear customer service and IT managers. Dear those responsible for digital communication and innovation management,

Did you know that in Germany and Switzerland, around 11% of GDP is spent on healthcare? Despite this, both countries are among the laggards in digital health. Various trade associations in the healthcare industry have joined forces to make Germany the benchmark of e-health. We want to support this goal and take you on a journey through the service center of the modern health insurance company.

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What's important

Please ask yourself
the following questions:

How well does your health insurance company carry out its digital communication service mandate?
How focused is your health insurance company on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?
How does your insurance company become a trusted advisor and companion to insured persons and new customers?
What motivates insured persons to interact with your health insurance company?
How do your customer service representatives proactively draw attention to the latest offers without violating guidelines?
Why should people switch to your insurance company? Are there only cost advantages, or do you also offer performance advantages in customer service?

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Cisco and Bucher + Suter have decades of practical experience developing solutions exactly tailored to our healthcare customers. As your partner, we’ll work with you to overcome the challenges on the way to e-health! With the Cisco and Bucher + Suter health insurance initiative, you have the unique opportunity to position your contact center at the forefront of e-health.

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I have over 20 years of contact center industry experience, and will listen focus on your challenges, so that we can approach them strategically, together. I’ve gained the trust of many prestigious clients in the healthcare market. In my personal life, I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my family in the great outdoors.

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AIC4 tested and GDPR compliant!

Want to know more? Great, let’s get concrete!

Conversational AI for health insurance companies

Briefly, the advantages of voice bots:

Time saving through automation

Increased efficiency and accessibility in administrative processes

Managing peak times in your contact center

Churn prevention: artificial intelligence can be used to identify customers at risk of churn

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Unified User Interface

Healthy Agent Desktop Strategy

Your service center receives hundreds of customer requests a day and you want to process them accurately. With Finesse, data from your ERP or CRM is available, quickly. All relevant customer information is provided in the customizable “Agent Cockpit” to process the requests holistically and successfully. All customer service agents, case workers, and case managers should work with the same end-to-end designed and unified communication solution.

All health insurance teams work with the same application

Integrate the back office and compensate for overloads

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Let your customers choose how they reach you

Omnichannel Routing

Customers approach their insurers using a variety of channels. When inquiries are not answered satisfactorily in a reasonable amount of time, customer satisfaction drops and the company risks increased customer churn. How can a health insurance company keep up with this flood of data from a wide variety of communication channels? With an end-to-end routing strategy tailored to its needs!

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Become master of your business processes

Supervisor console and administration for healthcare

The barrier-free and web-based Supervisor Management Console (SMC) serves as the central control element for administration and configuration in the daily operation of the service center. With minimal installation effort and location-independent operation, health insurers can define opening hours, modify announcements and make routing adjustments themselves.

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Holistically prepared service center data

Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

b+s CCBI is a business intelligence solution based on Microsoft’s Power BI for the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE), available on-premise, hybrid or from the cloud. Finally, you can view your healthcare service center data holistically. Select values that interact across diagrams to show selected problem areas at a glance.

Live presentation

Workforce and quality management for healthcare companies

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Put power to work and save time at every meeting

Unified communication with Cisco Webex

Designed to break down barriers, connect people, and empower exceptional work – from anywhere. Seamless collaboration, intelligent hybrid work experiences, and smart customer experiences with built-in security, privacy, and insights enable better experiences.

Accelerate business success

Work securely from home

With the abrupt shift to work-from-home, a number of security challenges have arisen that make it difficult to keep your health business running in an entirely new environment or at a large scale. It places unforeseen burden on your security and IT teams who must provide rapid support for an unprecedented number of remote workers and their devices – all without compromising security. The Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution brings together scalable user and device protection, making it easier for you to verify, provide secure access, and protect remote workers from threats anytime, anywhere.

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Made for Healthcare companies

GDPR compliant private cloud

Free yourself from the overhead of running your own IT operations. Devote yourself entirely to the further development of your services, the introduction of new contact channels and services, and the optimization of your customer contact strategy. Benefit from stable and secure platform operation including all maintenance with automatic updates and upgrades in our cloud operating environment. All solutions are available from the secure cloud.

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